Green Tropical Travels

I am recovering from a vacation of green proportions, and I must say I am lamenting being back inside a dry-wintery, less planty environment. Yes, I said planty. 

It was nice to put a pause on technology, blog posts, work, design work to gain perspective but also creative refresh. At some point, your brain needs to stop and relax in order to be creative, and I find there is nothing better than a true vacation to get my head back in the game.

There's a lot going in the world of Meg S. currently, and my creative outlet outside of work will still take place here. I am working hard on launching a new site, plus client work, full time work and staying a sane and healthy person. 

For those of you who write sweet emails about squarespace help on your blog, there is a solution coming soon, and a few free upcoming webinars. I will of course post about them here, they will be hosted either through Meg Summerfield Studio site, or the new upcoming site! Not sure yet, but in any case food bloggers or squarespace bloggers who want to know how I do it, you will know soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more info. For now, I am interviewing hoards of college students applying to my alma mater, rebranding the company at my full time job, working with some awesome clients, and have some kick-a** recipes for this space soon.