A Few of My Favorite Things: Fall 2017

A few months ago, I stopped posting on my personal instagram. This was liberating, I started seeing myself as more of my business instead of being separated from it. This comes a lot from my decision a few months back in deciding that I don't want to grow in specific ways as a business. We will get more into that at a later post, when I have the right words to explain it, but for now, I want to integrate more of myself, and my life into my business instead of separating it. 

This idea, combined with my lack of food inspiration, lack of ability to succeed a new recipe, I am probably exporting and shutting down Summerfield Delight. My first domain, my first location for foodie resources. What I will PROBABLY do is import the posts here, redirect the links and make them look great as a sub-hidden blog here that is not updated. 

I try not to put "goals or labels" on things, but for right now, we are giving this a name. "A few of my favorite things" aka: whatever the blank I want to write about on a whatever-ish basis. This one happens to be for the months of Sept, Oct + part of November aka: Fall 2017.


diy natural cleaning

by Kristin Marr

DIY Chemical Free Cleaning Products - I have been planning to dive into diy cleaning for a while, for a lot of reasons. Environmental + chemical free reasons combined with the the actual great effectiveness of these cleaners. Plus there's this weird thing when you feel like you need 800 bottles of chemicals to clean one space. I was waiting till I used up what I had already invested in. I mean, I had put a lot of effort in lugging bags from target into the loft. 

There's this odd part of being "green" that I struggle with. For me that's the "transition trash" it's this odd thing that we decide we are going to not use X any longer so we toss it. Or, we decided to be minimal and toss our "not perfectly instgagrammable minimal furniture/decor". 

I had recently bought a gorgeous pink homemade soap from a market - and used it in the shower. A mistake that I clearly hadn't thought of before. This gorgeous earthy pink hue clearly came from something well - potent. So I had been on the search for something effective to clean it up. So I went to pinterest and checked out what they suggested the ratio for that dawn + baking soda + hydrogen peroxide mixture to be. Literally chemicals terrible for ME, terrible for my tub, terrible for the environment didn't touch the natural pink dye. From there, I jumped into the internet - looking for better and more enviromentally, and budget friendly and greener options from just that. 

So this fall I invested in learning a lot of these things, and I have to say I am a big fan. Between Kristin Marr's Simply Living blogiste + yellow glow, my ridiculous collection of saved mason jars that no one could figure out + a few new investments - my home has never been cleaner, and closer to zero waste (but not something I'll ever really get to). For now, I appreciate the effective, and enviromentally friendliness of these chemical free cleaners.



by Robin Sloan

Sourdough by Robin Sloan - this is a must read for every single foodie. I've rarely enjoyed a book this good in a long long while. So when I say, this book was fabulous - I'm not joking. A true gem of moving to a new city, foodie markets, science + baking and oh of course the great writing we have come to love from Robin Sloan (who also wrote Mr. Penumbra's 24 hr Bookstore).

I delved into this as an audiobook - something I sort of regret only because I love gifting things this special to others, and I know so many that would adore this book. Honestly, I'd almost even struggle  hand it over to them.  If your loved ones are bakers, or foodies - this is seriously a fantastic gift.

Taking A Break in Business - This week we are wrapping up fall 2017, and have only one small project finishing up in early December. The studio will be closed starting the week of December 4th. Technically we will have one last launch early that week, but the studio will be transitioning to "sabbatical style". 

For me, that means no client projects. We all know I hate rules and have lofty goals, so really I'll be working on a lot of things - including all those "things" I haven't had time for in 2017 for my business. From recordings for SSDG, to PDF design for clients for on boarding and process documents. 

This year we have done so much, and in the end, including premedades (not the purchases but base designs plus redesigns for our own sites we will have launched 23 plus quite a few brand designs on top of that.  That is a TON of work - so finally my first vacation of the year mixed with the work I've been wanting to do  - a little sabbatical we are calling it :)

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 3.40.34 PM.png

The Design Daily

Working with Amazing Clients! - I have truly loved working with quite a few awesome clients this fall, and so excited to share more about our journeys together in the portfolio and blog in the coming weeks - but you can also check out our testimonial page. I am starting to pull together some of their incredible comments and seriously some have made me tear up!

2017-08-13 10.31.45_preview.jpeg

Milkstreet Magazine

Milk Street Magazine & Cookbook -So I vowed at first not to indulge in Milk Street Publications because I was all "Support America's Test Kitchen" - and then I picked up Milk Street. It was everything that all of my food blogs have with travel and good writing and photography mixed with the amazingness of Chris Kimball's work with ATK over the years with little bites of knowledge. After one issue, and then another I dived in headfirst into the lovely recipes, reading about salt ratios, brines, cookies, and methods for cooking things I never plan to actually cook (hi - vegetarian here) I subscribed and purchased the cookbook. What was I thinking by protesting? Not sure, probably some dumb stubborn thing I thought of during a strange moment in food-snobbiness. If you are interested check out the website - you will get a taste for the kind of recipes you will find in the magazine and cookbook. PS. I have almost the entire thing flagged for "will cook asap".

Books Read During September October and 1/2 of November:

Fall and Winter Continued:

A few things I am enjoying learning more about and spending time on this winter. The first is this blog, if you haven't noticed - I've really enjoyed just writing here. From updates + integrating Summerfield Delight here, plus talking about life as a creative I like the NON-niche-ness to this journal as it shares more of the artist that my clients are hiring.

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