Abby Capalbo Styling Launch


Ok, so who of you live OUTSIDE of a creative location where you find LOTS of similar people in your field. Yup if your hand is raised you will understand why this project was so fun.

Back a few years ago, I did a little temporary stint for Style Me Pretty while a lot of their regular editors were on Maternity leave. While blogging about amazingness, I learned that Abby one of the fellow editors was from my home-town (10 minutes from where I live now). Hallo instant friends! A bit after I left SMP and started my own design thing, so did Abby. She is a killer stylist and lifestyle blogger, and has been using Squarespace for years. Abby spent years working on WP so she knows the value of a great Squarespace Site when working for yourself.

Blogging Website Design for Squarespace

This spring and early summer we have been creating an amazing blog-site/portfolio for her work. We wanted the site to really feel more web-site-y but also be a great blog all in one. The category landing pages had to feel like you could dig into them for hours, the footer had to be clean and modern - while not being fussy or overdone. We wanted social media to play a key role, so we added it to the header and kept it sticky. The use of image block 2.0s are EVERYWHERE you can look from travel posts, home pages, footers and more. They really allow for great client usage without tons of custom editing for them along the way.

We kept things very clean and classic, but in a modern way that allows for the great work by Lauren Ledbetter (branding from a few years ago), and Erin McGinn Photography to shine. I think we accomplished just that! Go check it out at