Brand Reveal Batch Coffee!

Brodeurs Batch Small Coffee Syrup | Batched and Brewed in Acushnet Massachusetts

She has a new fun family project that needed a great package label to start with so they can walk into the farmer's market and say "look at me, I have a killer product" without the product even having to speak. Let me tell you, family recipes and small batch coffee syrup is usually pretty damn good, but with a killer core brand you can make great things happen. That was our goal here, start with a label and let the brand spill out from there. 

Logo Design + Packaging Design | Brodeurs Batch Brand Board

I love simple typographic brands. They are the perfect way to create a highly elevated brand while keeping the concept of "effortless-ness" front and center. The editorial core of typographic brands is something that is actually a lot more difficult than a simple watercolor. 

This client is someone I have known and worked with peripherally within the blogging in New England community for a while. We have some of those bazaar connections that really only exist in small communities. I could tell you a million ways our paths have crossed or have similar connections friends etc., yet never met in person until this August. 

Meg Summerfield Design | Coffee Packaging

For now the core branding materials will be based on this label, as the center of the brand. From there they will need to expand, and with a great creative like this client, and her tech savvy husband who understands the world of web, marketing they are going to make a great mark on the community. 

Plus as a bonus, you should always know someone that can provide you top notch coffee. At all times. Make sure you check out their brand and look for it coming soon to markets, starting in the Farm Coast of Beautiful Massachusetts!