Brussel Sprout Salad with Apples and Cheddar

It's that time of year when salads turn from citrus focused layer of summer veggies to a hearty fall dish that excludes sweetness as well as a bit of crunch. Brussel sprouts are one of my favorite veggies, and yet because of their lack of popularity during my childhood, I really never had them until I was an adult maybe college aged for thanksgiving. Still, they were whole and not super duper. 

Then they became popular and the good old bacon and brussel sprout thanksgiving side became something on every table. These mini cabbage like veggies are so versatile. Just like cabbage they are sweet when cooked and create a crisp lovely salad as well. Roasted brussel sprouts are a mainstay in my kitchen. There are a few veggies you could guess and get at least one right, besides cauliflower, brussel sprouts are the next most common veg.

This salad came about a few different ways. I had tried a few warm salads last fall with these little guys, but it was never quite what I wanted. I love the flavor that changes when they cook, but wanted something that wasn't so difficult. Plus they usually included cooking the apple which I never liked. 

There is a slight cooking of the sprouts, the slight broil allows you to douse the shallot and apple in the vinaigrette for a few minutes and let the flavors really soak in. This is a great light dinner for one, or side salad for a dinner for two. If you are looking for a heartier meal for one, and you are a vegetarian like myself, try some grilled bread or broiled if you want to cook it at the same time as the sprouts. Just brush with a little olive oil before placing it in the oven. Then you can pile up the salad on top of the good bread. It's really delicious.


Brussel Sprout Salad with Apples and Cheddar

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