Finding Focus in a World of Social Media

Design Focus | Finding Focus in the World of Social Media

Today's world has so much more available to us in inspiration, communication, entertainment and social media. This in effect creates a really difficult world to differentiate ourselves. Right when I start to find my own stride, and know what kind of content creation I want in the world, many others see the gap in the blog-o-sphere as well and start their own journey which in many ways reminds me of myself.

How interesting it is that we all happenstance along the same lines? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I am not sure however I am loving the feeling that I am not alone in wanting to discuss and talk about the design world in a more in-depth and different way. 



The thing that keeps me going is never letting this "blogging" thing become about anyone else's creative or business desires except my own. I try to create content that I want to read, either as a client or as a fellow designer/blogger. I find it's important to remember who your audience is and why you are creating the content in the first place. My intention is for this to be an educational base point for my clients (hence - process features) as well as some place that I can share my own journey and style as a designer with other similar creatives out there.



I have about 3-5 posts in the works at all times, whether they get published now or in three months, writing when I am passionate about the subject is a key to me loving what I write about. I create the content, save it as a draft and work on the content until is 'public-friendly', instead of feeling pressured to publish or write because the industry says I need an editorial content schedule. Write about what you want, then schedule that into the future in order to keep to your schedule. Sometimes this means waiting a long time to find the right time for a specific post to go live, but it's worth it in the end.



When I create the outline for my content it is always sans-technology. Why? Because this industry is starting to explode with bloggers writing the same article over and over, seeing the traffic coming from pinterest to their competitors site, they use the same idea and re-word it. I will try to not over-saturate the market in the same topic, but instead if it is similar, expound on my own personal ideas. Staying away from technology makes this  a personal experience, and lets the ideas really flow from me, instead of what is #trending.


Write, brainstorm and sketch when you find moments that inspire you. If you don't have time to fully sketch or write, keep a journal or notepad nearby to let the passionate and creative self that is not influenced by social media come out instead of bouncing off of an idea you saw earlier.