Feed the Dietitian Brand Reveal


I have a fun brand reveal for you all today! I'll admit, I'm more than a little behind on what was going to be a great start to the new year with consistent work being published on all three blogs. From here, ssdg and summerfield delight, but hey- life happens. And what I mean by that is, sometimes the light at lunch is so pretty, that you want to chop a few herbs and get a great photo of this amazing farro salad you made the night before. Sometimes when you go to chop those herbs, you forget you had just sharpened your chef's knife, and wammo - you slice off the top of your finger. Ok, so it sounds worse than it is, but don't get me wrong - I removed a good chunk of skin and nail with one fell swoop and got myself a nice trip to the ER for 8 stitches. 

It took a good week to get my hand back in good typing condition, and still I was typing pretty slow. Three and a half weeks later I am still typing with 9 fingers, but I'm mostly just waiting for the stitches to dissolve as a nuisance not a pain.

Long story short, I didn't get to share some of my launched brands and sites I had planned for January. And get excited, we are also going to share the ones I didn't have time to showcase this fall. This amazing brand finally gets to shine because I used it as an example for my SSDG portfolio class, and using the final portfolio pieces in a blog post was part of the exercise.


So let's get to it shall we!?

Fitness Style Brand and WeBSITE on Squarespace

This brand and site design was so much fun. When a client knows what they want and it's not  the exact same as the ten sites you just finished, and has inspiration from fun sources you haven't gotten to use yet? Well, you know a designer is excited.

When we start every project, I ask my clients so what websites bring you back time and time again for visual inspiration. It could be their favorite clothing line, blogger, etc. Well Eliza immediately sent me these amazing Italian Fitness sites and I was drooling.  It had a bit of fun, a bit of edge, and together with making a personable, and friendly site I knew the direction we were going to be headed. New neutrals, in shades of a purply navy grey (almost slate-like), and a mossy green, combined with a dark charcoal black and calm beige bring color into an almost completely neutral palette, yet scream sophisticated. 


Designing a Food Blog

The second part of this project is Eliza's food blogging. With her amazing recipes, adventures and articles about nutrition, we were off to define a structure for her blog. We broke down the indexes into two main parts, the fitness and food as a directory, as well as her blog posts on fitness wear and her adventures from Mexico to Iceland and more to come.


We crafted a brand that fit Eliza's style, and yet is approachable. You want to feel like you have jumped into something really edgy and fun, yet you will feel comfortable reaching out to Eliza for some nutrition help. I know I would be on her client list if I lived in San Francisco. She has the knowledge, but also guidance that you would want in someone to help navigate being young and having fun in the city while staying healthy and fit! 


Make sure you go check out her awesome new site!