Garden Lovelies

At the start of memorial day weekend, my mom and I set out to enjoy her backyard and have burgers outside for dinner. We talked and walked around to see the amazingness of spring bloom. After the winter we had this year, it seemed impossible that growth would return, let alone flowers. She asked me to take out my camera to snap a few great shots in the incredible light we had that night. 

It's her garden where I learned to take photos, the amateur photographer practicing macro photography on any flower I could find. This was even when I had a simple non-dslr camera, and pre working in the photography industry. Over the years we have captured some amazing and lovely details of her garden that will be forever cherished.

I love both photos of the Irises, above and below, but even more so the one below. It is out of focus, but something about it makes me smile. The light was captured "just so" and the little delicate lens-flares are almost like dew drops. 

Looking closer of this image reminds me I am missing a few photos from the bunch that I need to edit. So I will keep a few to go with that set to post on a later date.

I have been needing to order a few new big prints for my walls here in the apartment, and thinking of putting a few prints up for sale of my work from over the years. It will be fun just to look back and see what I have done, and find the old raw files to edit. More of that to come. Enjoy your Monday.

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