Good Reads for Creatives


Reading for Creatives

I get asked ALL the time, what books do you read Meg? From emails, to ssdg members to friends and fellow designers. So a few of my favorite books that really changed my perspective on something, and a few on my to-read list.


Everything is Miscellaneous 



Everything is Miscellaneous - by David Weinberger

I was suggested this book when starting to define my MFA thesis at SCAD, and it helped me define my thoughts for that process, but is THE most lasting thing that has come out of my thesis. The questions, thoughts and ideas that pop into my head when I think about this book are just fascinating, and transpire into each and every project I create at the studio. What is this “authentic” branding process we hope to create? It’s something that doesn’t feel like it’s lost in the digital pile / mess. It’s something that we create that has feeling, and long lasting vision of trust for a company. 


On Longing

Susan stewart


On Longing - by Susan Stewart

This is a hard book. It’s a collection of Essays from Susan Stewart that I read in college for an Art History seminar and it’s one of the only college books I have kept. I think that it has so much value in understanding our fascination with all things. She breaks down our understanding of Nostalgia and Longing and the ways we interpret WHY these things are so interesting. If you are ready to dig into an academic stance on nostalgia in order to help apply it to your work, this is your book.


Brand Brilliance

fiona humberstone


Brand Brilliance — by fiona humberstone

currently adoring this book because it doesn’t talk about design application, it talks about finding the core values that then transpire throughout the brand essence. There’s something so key about realizing the connection between design and branding and the disconnect as well. As a branding designer we create the value system, the design system that sticks to what the brand stands for, but it’s never the other way around. This is often the part where we trip over our process with our clients, so helping US walk through the process again, in a really in-depth way, is great way to help find the words to connect the brand design process to the graphic design process for your clients. 


The Sixteen Pleasures

robert Hellegna


The Sixteen Pleasures - by Robert Hellegna

This one is a fiction book, and I am adding it to my all time favorites list because it was the first book I read that had this adult perspective on adventure, romance and nostalgia. If you love books, travel, and a good story this one is a book to pick up and read. I have read it 3 or 4 times now since I was 14. 
_Side story: I found the book on a shelf in a beach house we were renting, and my mother was like “WHAT ARE YOU READING!!!” She took it from me and read it in about two days and gave it back and was like “This is a damn good book, go ahead”. 


—> Do you see the trend here? Creating lasting moments, archival quality brands, and messaging for clients through the medium that we are working with. Whether that be UI design, Squarespace, illustration, Logo design. Whatever it is we were most likely attracted to brand and web design for these things. Defining the brand and the visual core vocabulary, and a lasting impression on the audience.