Hierarchy in Blog Images

Graphic Design for Bloggers | Effective Hierarchy for Blog Posts

Hierarchy. It is one of the key elements of graphic design. I can explain layouts, type, readability, communication and more all by keeping to the principals of hierarchy. Without this basic notion, your effective communication or great design is well... not going to do its job.

Let's start with lesson one, the all caps, all bold, expanded type situation out there in the world. Bold should be used to distinguish a few words here and there within a set in order to let certain words stand out. All caps can be used a bit more than bolded fonts, to create a very linear and clear heading or navigation element. These should never, ever, ever be used for the entire body text or anything over a few words. 

A little side story here to bring it back to reality. In seventh grade, I had this crazy history teacher who was young and hungry to 'mold young minds'. We would walk in with our textbooks, eager to please the new young history teacher with all of our reading done. We highlighted our textbooks and thought we were smart young adults now that we were in middle school. One day he had us go back a few chapters in the book and read the highlighted text from our textbooks. We would go on ... and on ... and on pretending like all this highlighted text meant we were paying attention. Wrong. He gave us the task to try and only mark up to seven words per section, so that we could read over the page and get the gist with just the highlighted words. I have never forgotten that moment.

If everything was highlighted then nothing was important. Let the reader become engaged with the content on a hierarchical level, drawing them into your blog post and read the whole gosh darn thing with effective hierarchical typography.

 Your readers should be able to look on pinterest, and in a sea of images and text and advertisements see your message. Now let's break it down into examples.


Graphic Design for Bloggers | Hierarchy Before

Initial Thoughts: 

Well set text, its pretty, and there are clean colors, but Are you drawn in to click on this?

Your Pinterest audience better be paying attention. This text is hard to read and doesn't draw me in.




Initial Thoughts:

Yes, I want to make my blog pretty. Oh, ten easy tricks, this article is definitely worth a little look-see.

The Reality:

Your reader knows what your aim is with a quick glance. Simple! This is the key to effective communication. 


In conclusion, for header images that you will attract readers from social media, keep the message short. Highlight only what is necessary to make your point and engage your audience... We will talk more about typesetting in body text and other areas in the future.