Taking Pinterest Out of the Process.

Why Pinterest is Hurting Your Creative Process

Let's get one thing straight. I love Pinterest. I used to keep folders on my computer from sources with images for inspiration boards. We created moodboards on a daily basis in grad school, so keeping images stored and ready to go was key. Just as I finished school pinterest came around. Literally it was only used by graphic designers pinning interesting images we might use for inspiration. Then it evolved into a time-sucking yet wonderful site that holds the answers to all things. 

The issue I have with Pinterest is our need to rely on it for creative inspiration, and the line between imitation and inspiration that comes from the over-indulgence of amazing things out there on the web. Pinterest helps us push ourselves, helps organize our thoughts, but when you involve pinterest in the creative process, it can be inhibiting. 

Take Pinterest OUT of the equation the MOMENT your mood board for a project is done.  For the rest of the project be inspired by your own sketches, your own designs. Take a sketchbook out, and draw your layouts. Use paints or swatches of color and fabric to inspire the mood. Use Pinterest for it's original intention, the storing of images with other creatives, and then use the inspiration as just that ... inspiration. 

I believe the best practice for a designer is to remove it from the design process and use it for the original purpose. Moodboards. One of the best things is the private boards for clients. This way you can create preliminary moldboards, and the client can contribute and tell you what they like best within Pinterest itself. Once the design goes live, you can decide with the client whether you want to make it live or not.