Interwoven Branding

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Interwoven! My December baby for 2017! I've been trying to figure out a program I can teach for designers when I get asked about creativity, being an artist-designer and not just feel like a machine, and for those looking to just join a creative group of like-minded individuals looking for something where they can up their game and talk design with other freelancers.

Liz (my copywriter and kick-ass younger sister) helped me write my sales page (which while registration is over is down, but it says: 

"The Design Seminar is a six module 12-week seminar that will bring design and critique back into your studio and everyday process in a thoughtful and academic way. " 

PortfolioSlide_Template_thoughtfulgesture copy

The point was to bring creative challenges, academic readings, but also inspiring discussions, critique and mentoring all in one. These ideas are interwoven into being a good freelance designer. 

When designing the brand, my mind went immediately to textiles. They are where I go when I need personal inspiration outside of the graphic design world, and fit perfectly. So the design brought together a quiet yet bold color palette, and the idea of artistic and hand-created textiles like the block-print icon that is the main imagery for the logo.

Are you looking for design mentoring or to up your creative discussions, challenge yourself and really feel that connection between artistry and freelance? Click on the image below to head to the site and sign up to be notified of our next session this spring/summer!

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