Launch Thoughtful Gesture

Another one of my fall launches that we haven't had time to blog! 

This late summer I had the pleasure to work with Inge while she was starting her dream project, a gifting services that is truly unique. Instead of pre-made gifting packages, Inge comes up with a few different options for your loved one's gifts for you to choose from.

I love this concept, but on top of that, the heart that goes into her work is so fabulous. For her project, we put together a package that would allow her to get all the design pieces she needed to get started for the holiday season. We did a full brand clarity to start off our branding package, with periwinkle and sage being our core colors for the brand. Inge had a few candles in these colors which is where we took the inspiration from. 


From there we added in texture, from custom patterns and a few textures to really bring up the level of content for the brand, but also the depth of the branding.

We designed a few pieces for her site, including a template and an opt-in, that we did template style so she can easily create gorgeous branding as well as branded pdfs for her clients for each time someone requests a gifting package. 

Check out her site: