Looking a bit different around here?


Hey y'all.

Did you notice a few changes around here? Basically a footer-revamp + a new blog sidebar and some new posts mixed in with the old ones. Why? Because I decided to pull my old blog from the world of the internet. 

Well in reality what I did was merge them here and redirect the URL here as a sub URL. I just felt like whenever I posted one place I should be posting in the other, and that with my instagram merging a few months back, it seems right to merge things here as well. 

We all know I'm not the biggest fan of a blog sidebar if it's not needed, but with two blogs merging we needed some filtering via categories and some better organization - hello sidebar.  So you can see why I would want to give that a little update. A few of the categories are getting updates as well. So for those of you looking for recipes, start with the sidebar category - and then I'll make you a recipe archive section on the blog archive when free time becomes available!

For those wondering how to move posts from one Squarespace blog to the next make sure you check out Squarespace Website Tools - their Chrome extension can pull content between sites. It's the only option I have come across that can do this. 

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