Meyer Lemon Margarita

Ok, so I am hoping at this point, you are not only thoroughly addicted to Meyer Lemons, but also now you've been infusing your Meyer Lemon Infused Tequila for a few days. Meyer Lemons are one of my favorite citrus in that they have this sort of blend between sweet orange and lemon that is truly not seen in any other citrus. This is why they make the BEST margaritas.

They also tend to be a little more expensive (a lot) than your usual lemon, so we just try to be sure to get every tiny bit of goodness out of them when using them. So first a recipe that doesn't need the peel, and then one like this that uses the Infused peel + tequila and then extra fresh Meyer Lemon Juice as well.


Of course we are going to note a few things about this recipe, especially the infusion part. If you want to skip it, go right ahead and just use a good tequila, your drink will still be good - just not AS Lemony-goodness-y as possible. You can't really skip the meyer lemon here, but if you need to just add in extra simple syrup, as straight up lemon juice is really too tart not to be cut with sugar.


Meyer Lemon Margaritas

Makes Two Margaritas Straight Up


  • 6 oz. Meyer Lemon Infused Tequila
  • 3 oz. Triple Sec (Cointreau)
  • 1.5 oz Simple Syrup
  • 3 oz. Meyer Lemon Juice
  • 3 oz. Lime Juice (the organic bottled kind is fine)
  • Good Salt
  • Zest of One Meyer Lemon


First before cutting your Meyer Lemon you are going to zest it fully. It's hard to do once you juice it. Add it to a small plate, and mix with about 3 tbs salt. Mix together.

Next cut the Meyer Lemon in half, and rub the inside of the lemon against the rim of the glass. Then place glass down in your dish of salt/lemon zest. This will salt your glass. Water doesn't work as well as fresh citrus. I promise.

Now you are ready to juice your Meyer Lemon. You will need about 3 oz, but you can forgo the lime juice all together if you want and use the whole lemon. You will need about 6 oz total, so it will depend on your lemons whether a half, or two full lemons are needed. It should be about a half, maybe slightly more.

In a shaker, add your infused tequila, triple sec, simple syrup, Meyer Lemon juice and lime juice and shake shake shake! 

Pour drink into salted glass and serve! For those who want to serve on ice, consider CRUSHED ice for margaritas. Make the same way, except add crushed ice to glass right before pouring. 


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