Mini Site: Marnie Rae

This winter we opened up the studio to a new style of web design, for those who want a quick makeover and a fun couple of changes to their site and design. We just finished round one, so we have some examples of the before and after. 

I have to say, I was nervous (not like will the client be happy - nervous, more - can we make this GREAT in the time frame nervous). It's always something I worry about when doing a new service or making a change. I honestly fell in love with the mini-site process because it opens up our doors to a clientele that's in a different place in their business than the usually well established, and complex businesses that we work with for a full custom site.

The mini-site process starts with a moodboard - making sure we are getting on the right track, we look at colors, fonts and image style - and then dive into the homepage or the focus pages for the design. (You can add up to 2 additional pages for the process).

From there we implement, edit and then get you launched! Sounds quick, and it totally is a fast process. The whole thing is a 2-week process.


So let's dive into our first example here. Marnie is a blogger and hostess that focuses on soft-cocktails. She wants to put a twist on a favorite drink and make it accessible to all, but also help educate people on how to entertain with virgin drinks, as well as help people understand there are a lots of reasons to choose not to drink. One of my favorite parts of her site was the opt-in. Which were little business cards with simple soft-cocktail recipes you can hand to a waiter at a restaurant and know the bar will be able to mix up. Think about it, how many times did you think - oh I'll have water because they have iced-tea, soda and juices - and I want this to be special. So you just opt-out of a drink all together since nothing matches. 

We started our focus on the recipes page for Marnie (we did the blog, recipe page and homepage + an opt-in design). We wanted there to be featured recipes, but also an index. So we moved her recipes into blog posts so we could use summary gallery indexes by categories, and then created a killer dropdown section for the featured recipes that is then a printable recipe! Hot diggity!


See the recipe dropdown with print function below!

We then put the focus on the homepage, making not only the homepage easy to update, but also strategically awesome. We know what she focuses on and engage in an opt-in with little to zero scrolling before seeing the graphic. 

For the opt-in, we also used a really nice pop-up page creator, so that our graphic could be simple and clean and then our pdf is a easy download. 

See our awesome way to design pop-up opt-ins below:

So there's a lot of detail and function that can come out of a mini-site! Marnie certainly optimized our two weeks together designing the site, and added on a few extra touches (the extra pages and opt-in design) that allowed us to really give her an amazing custom site look, while also sticking to a quick and fun timeline!