Mini Site: The Paradise Pursuit

Hey guys! Another mini site to show you. The transformation on this one is crazy fun to see. The Paradise Pursuit is a site from Trina, who is your expert on finding your paradise to purchase in that warm hemisphere. 

Trina knows from experience what it is like to buy a property from afar and in a warm paradise. You might recognize some of the places on her site, since she bought a property on the lovely Island my family calls paradise - St. Croix! Believe it or not, we met through a client, and not on the island or through other Cruzans ;) 


Fun fact! Trina bought the property right around the corner/almost across the street-ish from where my grandfather's real estate office was. It's right in the heart of downtown Christiansted and a beautiful old building. The location has a long history, but has been abandoned for a while (my mom thinks late 70s?). So there's a lot of work to do, but the potential is crazy amazing. So let's see the transformation of her site shall we?


Trina was looking to not just design a site that looked like you were buying a regular old condo, she wants to attract an audience of creative and passionate individuals who love a project, but also the simplicity of the beach lifestyle. We mixed the traditional paradise colors in with rusty colors and nudes to really bring a rich and umpsious quality to the site that makes you want to stick your toes in the sand, and listen to the breeze. 

Stock photo culling.

What is it? To be honest it deserves it's own blog post, but we are going to preview that here for y'all. But we wanted to show how you can transform your site with photography. When it comes down to it, finding stock photos as someone not in the creative industry sounds like  a giant mountain to climb.

For The Paradise Pursuit we helped take the burden of finding the photos off of the client. What's included? First we do a style guide for your photos, then we design with that chosen style, and then we deliver a document like on the right where you see everything outlined, plus a free version/option in replace of each paid version that we suggest.

The Final Result

The final result here is truly a transformative one. We not only helped define the set tone, and brand for Trina, but also helped her get her site in tip top shape in only a two week timeline.