Minimal & Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Decor

So Christmas. For someone not religious, and someone who has rarely celebrated Christmas besides using it as a time for a holiday/vacation, I struggled with this idea for the past few weeks. The idea of decorating or prepping for a holiday that I don't celebrate? It's a weird thing, so I like to consider this more of a winter celebration more than anything else. It's just a time to gather. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas and into the New Year I like to think of this as our winter gathering for family.

As many of you know, I usually celebrate by sitting on a beach eating a veggie burger, with a Pina Colada in my hand. This year, after the destruction of Maria and Irma, our home needs some tending to, and as of yet (still November) we don't QUITE have power yet, so demo has just begun, or even "clean up". It will be a long year of rebuilding and reevaluating before we have a "vacation" down there again. 

The Plan:

So the plan is to stick here in New England for the Holiday season, which means well? We haven't decided yet. Since it coordinates with the studio holiday this December, I'll be doing some crafts and keeping them seasonal and decorative as usual.

I am going to keep it pretty budget friendly - not go bananas, no spending on large purchases for decoration, especially if we go back to a sun-filled carribean holiday for the following year. 


I am going to do a few crafts based on my inspiration board above. Most likely I'll buy a small tree (somehow figure out tree stand -- ugh) and do a homemade skirt. I always find that tree skirts are never the size I want either too big or too small, and a little too either "fancy" or "crafty" or well out of the budget. So craft one is tree skirt.

Craft two will be some herb or greenery wreaths. We are taking a class after thanksgiving, plus I might make some mini wreaths next week for thanksgiving, so to keep them around and fresh through the season.

Craft three will most likely be some salt ornaments, or decor that is seasonal but not religious. Little homes, trees etc. I would like to incorporate traditional Scandinavian decor into this if possible.

We shall see what else I do! I'll keep you updated :)