NEW! The Interwoven Seminar

It's funny how it takes years to really hone in on what your career path looks like. We ask teens and tweens to focus in on a career path - what focus do you want, what courses to take to prep, etc. But we don't really talk about the true potential each of these has - or how you don't need a direct path. 

I have always had the same answer for when interviewing for a job when I hear THIS question: "Where do you want to be in five years?"

My answer is: Being creative on a daily basis. 

It's not a fancy answer, not a direct answer, but one I came up with when my "career path" didn't exist in my head. I knew I would find a path where I could use my creative and design skills. From drawing leaves in my lattes as a barista or coming up with creative ideas for photoshoot locations, birth announcements - that one thing has always rung true in my path. I have turned down great in-house jobs for the opportunity for creativity, I have quit architecture school when I realized it wasn't the kind of creative design play I wanted in my life, I have stayed true to this path. 

And yet, we can't expect for our design life to be perfectly creative or artistic on a daily basis. We get some images a client wants on a new page and we implement, we need to show the client how we got from A to B and we show them how - but is it creative? and are we implementing these skills we have on a daily basis? I think we have to be really intentional in making sure that our process isn't just efficient but thoughtful. I don't want to include something in the client facing process that is over-complicated and un-necessary, but at the same time I believe that they should be privy to your research (in some respect). I believe that layout should tell a story even without text being provided by a client, and criticism taken like a champ - like we learned in design school, to take a different perspective. I say it so often, we shouldn't need a "passion project" to feel passionate about our jobs, we shouldn't feel tied to efficiency in every day tasks - there's still a balance.

So why this rant? Because I want to introduce you to the Interwoven Seminar. The Interwoven Seminar is a six module 12-week seminar that will bring design and critique back into your studio and everyday process in a thoughtful and academic way. 

The What:

Through six live teaching sessions, which include a discussion section, student presentation, and critique, we are going to bring those elements of design BACK into your business. The course includes rigorous homework (but not too hard!) to challenge your design approach and creativity.

This is unlike your high school algebra class—it's fun!

The Why:

The methodology for this course brings back traditional educational formats of reading and design homework. During each session, every student will bring something to the table that pairs with the weekly presentation subject.

We are also offering the chance to add critique and mentorship for a more personalized experience!

The goal of this seminar is to reawaken your love for design theories, and then find ways to integrate those theories in your client process. We want you to feel deeply inspired by the language and theories of design through a new understanding of color, typography, critique, layout, and more. or click on any of the images above!