A Pause for the Flu

Ugh. I am so annoyed I have to write this blurb. I have had a nice 3-4 day stint of the flu and it's pushing my editorial calendar out of whack. What was supposed to be my recipe writing day (Monday) and also the day I photographed my two new diy posts, ended up being day one of this stupid flu. 

So the great content and amazing recipes and fun I have scheduled will have to be put on pause, because they haven't been transcribed to the screen yet. They are written in notebooks, photographed, edited, but not formatted. 

Till then you can enjoy this lovely photo from my mother's garden, more of which you will see in the near future when I have more energy or non-dizziness. The light was perfect that night and you will enjoy these photos, so stay tuned for goodness post flu :)


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