Premade Launch The Naturalist

It was about February, it was cold, and I felt completely and utterly creatively empty. I felt like I was stuck, stuck in a whole that I dug myself. I had done all I could do with Squarespace. That couldn't be true could it? I realized I hadn't tried to just work on NON-CLIENT projects, make the sites I always wanted to, the sites that showcase the brand the work and help clients see what is possible, not just the little things that they want.

So I just opened up a new site, let's test out a few things, let's see what happens. What happened was the best thing for my creativity. I started to see what was really possible, not because I had a site due, or needed to find a solution. I added languages to my dictionary not just words.

The first site I created wasn't actually The Naturalist, but this is the one when I saw how great this project really could be. The Naturalist has to be my favorite site I've created this year, and I have sites I LOVE I haven't even shown here on the blog yet.

Premade Squarespace Site Kit for Entrepreneurs and Creatives by Meg Summerfield

So what makes this site different? Check it out yourself! Head on over to the store or go directly to the demo site HERE.  We know you will love it.