Pretzel Breadsticks with Mustard Butter

Between Rugelach recipes, pretzel breadsticks with butter, and a few more sweet surprises for this week the "diet" has been thrown out the window. These however have been worth it. I don't mind a bit of extra work at the gym in order to recreate a delicious snack we had in Vegas as a family this past June.

Pretzel breadsticks. Soft pretzel breadsticks. Soft pretzel breadsticks just out of the oven with mustard butter. Oh me oh my that is basically carb heaven. I love a good soft pretzel, but what makes a good pretzel amazing is the ability to be warm, salty and have a great flavor to the dip or spread. While waiting for brunch in Vegas this past June we were excruciatingly hungry after waiting in line to eat. Nobody told us we would have to wait an hour plus anywhere we went for brunch, so long that we missed brunch by 10 minutes at the restaurant. {in my opinion it should have counted what time you got in line, not what time you were seated}. Our slightly frustrated hungry family sat down and were served some delicious pretzel breadsticks with mustard butter, that shut us up for a while. 

Compound butters aren't a new thing, but I had yet to see mustard butter. Now, don't get me wrong, plain old mustard, maybe a horseradish mustard is great with a pretzel, but the melty-ness of butter on fresh out of the oven dough makes you forget about dipping in cheese sauce or mustard immediately. The sweetness of the whole grain dijon mustard is a lovely combination and one your guests are certainly going to enjoy.

The complexity of this recipe (sourced from food + wine) is not too difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind. One, kneading is involved. Two, you have to wait twice for the yeast to rise, this isn't an instant recipe. Three, there's an extra step in the baking soda hot bath you give these little guys before you place them in a very hot oven. Because of this, please read the recipe thoroughly before taking this one on. Worth every damn minute. Trust.

Pretzel Breadsticks 

makes 24 - recipe from food + wine


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