Sid in the Kitchen Website Reveal

So yesterday we saw the awesome new brand for Sid Wainer & Son's new blog "Sid in the Kitchen" this is where they are going to grow their social media presence by not only having a great instagram feed (go checkout - for realz) but to expand that to a full platform where they could show their love of great food to the world.

Today in the world of dominating social media, it's important to take your brand to another level by adding a story and purpose behind a product. For a company like Sid Wainer & Son it's important to keep that brand authentic, hey they've been in the food world for over 100 years, and also bring in new visitors.

Our inspiration for this site was a mixture between artisanal food bloggers and larger companies side blogs. As a family run company, this had to be both. The branding we kept clean and modern and when it came to applying that branding to the web we kept the same concept. Classic with a couple of modern twists.

As you can see while looking through the screenshots of the site itself above, that we stayed heavy on whitespace with great and well executed typographical treatments. This allows the photos to shine, the recipes and stories to be clear and read with ease, and therefore the content and the brand to shine.

One of the aspects of a great custom squarespace site is that you can really work with some of the templates to make them work for you (as long as you can code). For this one we implemented a full footer and fake profooter to bring out the brand even more. That and a few touches here and there, you can almost NOT tell which squarespace template we are working with. 


In the end, the Sid in the Kitchen site is a food blog, so there had to be a great recipe index that worked for right now and worked for later. So if you read my previous posts on creating recipe indexes, you might recognize some things here, yup you saw their prototype website in the post. Here's how it looks now, even with only two recipes, the format still works. 

The featured section once filled will then just house the last 9 featured recipes from the category allowing the reader to see their best work up front. For a food blog, we sometimes have posts that are filler posts, yeah they are good but sometimes they don't need to be seen in the category section. For example, you might cook a lot of cauliflower, but only your BEST recipes are show up there, this way it's not a sea of white fluffy vegetables in the featured section.


For the design of the recipes, we kept it clean. I added a dotted line to the mix in order to keep the traditional feel of the recipe card right on the page. 

For the blue section for "serves 6-8 people" as shown above, we went with the clever idea of using a button. With a little markdown <b> in here becomes bold </b> you can have a nice pretty delineator that helps with spacing and allows a nice flow between a centered object and a left aligned section. 

The last thing and a great reason to choose squarespace (besides the easy interface to teach a new team of bloggers!) is the mobile ability. With only a few custom touches to their web css, their site is easy to use read, and experience for a home cook right on the kitchen counter on an iPad or iPhone. The clean design is effective and easy to read on the web for chefs and home cooks alike!

Make sure you check out the site!