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Oh this is a fun project y'all. I had recently done a lot of projects with pastels, and while we all know I have a love hate relationship with saturated color. This project coincided with needing some color around the early spring here in New England. Those from the northeast can attest that there might be a little color in a few crocuses, but we don't see spring color until mid/late may at the earliest. So a bit of fresh green and pink really was lovely to work with.

Now, Simone! Such a lovely jewelry designer, or shall I say Jewellery, she is after-all an Aussie. I truly love her work, it has such a lovely quality that gives a little feminine touch to an outfit without being overwhelming. My favorites have to be the copper lily earings and the lily of the valley work with pearls. I might just have to splurge on buying one for myself! 

We developed a handlettering logo for Simone, that didn't feel too overly-trendy. Something that will be a timeless aspect of her brand. We brought in the other texture through the faceted gemstones. 

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One of the considerations we take in all branding projects is the audience, and Simone has recently had a lot more international clients, so we wanted to consider how to show Jewelry or Jewellery without saying it explicitly. This of course was where the gemstone game in. 

The other thing that I am always thinking about when it comes to selling product is creating a palette that works with the client's audience and most importantly work! Highlighting their work is key! Simone works with silver, gold and copper, and by using a a palette that has warm tones that allows each of those metals to shine, you can display a lot of different work and it looks lovely. 

Finding a light neutral and a dark neutral then are also really important pieces to a portfolio. Here we went with a really light warm grey a darker cooler (a little green) grey. They balance each other quite well and work with gold and silver. The pink really comes into play nicely with some of the copper work. It will definitely pick up the orange tones without being too explicitly orange.

Be sure to head over to her site to check out more of her work!

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