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Meg Summerfield for Dropcap Design BrandiWelles_Photographer Site Design

It's been a while since I updated everyone here, and that's because I've been so busy! Starting in early March of this year I've been teaming up for some collaborative projects with a friend of mine and her business. Kadie from Drop Cap Design is someone I met through SSDG and became great friends. Through her career, she loved using SS, but found that she needed to grow her business, and web was something that she was better at collaborating with other designers rather than do all aspects of the project herself. I've been taking on quite a few of her Squarespace clients for the web design portion of their project, and we launched FOUR sites in the past two weeks, so we have a ton to share. You might have seen them on instagram as a sneak peek :)

Brandi welles photographer

This site is truly a gem, branding one by AlliK of dropcap, the branding has an essence of dessert tones, that really bode well with Brandi's beautiful work. The warm greens mixed with the jade and blush are a combo that a true dessert sunset is made from. 

Meg Summerfield Studio for Drop Cap Design | Brandi Welles Photographer Squarespace Website

template: Brine Family

1.  Using Custom Banner for Slideshow so that we still can use the grid gallery for the index style galleries below.

2.  Using icons as separations and details for the sections

3.  Using Index Gallery with Grid format, and little "tags" to create easy navigation for galleries for the client's work. Gives a really large and easy to update navigation section.

4. Full width carousel summary gallery. This is one of my favorite little bits- plus the addition of the "next" and "previous" words allows the arrows to have better functionality.

5. What looks like a complicated coding section, the raves block on the homepage, is actually a carousel gallery plus added icon, given a border in css. Then a button and image block are adjusted to overlap and create a really gorgeous layout.

6. The footer has a fun left full bleed instagram with an overlay of text, and a right newsletter opt-in, which breaks up the monotony of a vertical layout, while keeping the idea of white space.

Thanks Dropcap team and Brandi for a great collaboration on this one. It's such a gem of a brand, and with great creative people, Brandi's BRAND and content shines through with this custom designed site.