Social Media and the Creative: Apps and Tools

So I have written this up about a hundred times in the past year, but not for a blog post - for my clients who ask about social media! So I thought it might be nice to create a great little round-up of my favorite planning and editing apps for social media.

Planning Tools:

1) Planoly - I have been using planoly now for over a year and a half. I actually started using them back when they were called planogram. I really like these guys because they keep getting better. They have a premium price if you want to manage multiple feeds in there, but it's totally worth it. On top of planning and calendar they also have:

+ Easy Repost searching and saving.
+ Story Planning
+ Multi-Image Planning
+ Feed ecommerce links (I haven't tried this yet)
+ Draft Grids (for easy client planning)
+ Easy Comment Management from the app
+ Easy dropbox and other storage connection

don't mind my unplanned month of december!

don't mind my unplanned month of december!

Image Editing

1) Lightroom. If you have a creative cloud subscription you should be using lightroom on your phone. End of story. Lightroom can sync on your phone, need I say too much more? Also you can access your presets using This Tutorial


Lightroom App 

for iphone

2) Matin Lab's Filmborn: From those who brought you your favorite lightroom presets (I have them and love all of them!) They have a few in-app upgrades, but I can definitely say I like their "film" looks much more than vsco's so I much prefer the Mastin Lab version in phone as well.


Filmborn App

for iphone

What are some of your favorite apps? One of the things I like to do is really let it be a fun and creative thing to post, as well as not ruin the moment. So a lot of the time I will enjoy the day, and go back later to post and share pics.