Squarespace Footer Design

One of the things that bothers me most about squarespace is the lack of focus they put on footers in some of the templates. What that means is that unless you are choosing a template that has a lot of footer features, those get lost. (ahem mostly the five template). 

Working through these issues isn't something that one solution fixes all, but I have delved into a process that works for me right now, which is essentially a FIVE template fix. 

I haven't found the right solution for Avenue (the template for megsummerfield.com) but I will have to figure that out at some point. I have had more clients and needs for better footer for them and in reality clients are more important! 

Summerfield Delight | Squarespace Footer in Five Template

The first one you see here is my food blog version. Five usually does not have a background color, and instead just a line to delineate page space from footer space. This drives me nuts, because it's clearly already outlined in the template design as a separate space. A few css tricks fix this issue quite nicely and you can have yourself a nice three column footer. Try adding a newsletter block with a transparent background, or an instagram grid! 

This is now available over at the Squarespace Design Guild Resource Center. Make sure to grab this and more squarespace content over there!

Note: Custom CSS changes are an advanced squarespace editing tool. If you are not familiar with custom css, please be sure to read more about it HERE