Understanding Your Audience

Understanding Your Audience with Branding and Design

Know your audience.

Sounds simple right? We all think we know our clients and have their best wishes at heart when we design. Knowing your audience is a lot more than just knowing the potential of a brand, but staying true to the current audience and bringing in new ones.

Understanding audience goes a lot farther than just a color scheme or a font selection. The hardest things is to understand what makes communication effective for that specific audience. Effective communication is the name of the game. While working in the finance world, we have been redesigning some reports, and working with quite a few companies to find the perfect fit. We were shown some absolutely great designs, and really interesting forms of communication for a brand new chart, but is that what our audience really wants? Nope. Great design, in fact fabulous design with a great thought process behind every part of the page, but in the end, granular charts just get in the way of the communication for that client. That specific clientele wants clear, regular, bottom line, simple. They don't want a new kind of pie chart they have to learn to read in order to find out what's in their portfolio.

Beyond the style of a design, ask yourself if the message is being communicated correctly, and not just in this moment, but for longevity.