Yorkshire Puddings with Blue Cheese and Chive

Have you ever had popovers or yorkshire puddings? Yorkshire puddings are traditionally made with meat drippings, but I alter the recipe to be butter, yet individual molds like popovers. There's a little bit of a combo between the two. 

We used to traditionally have these for christmas dinner and the meat eaters (including myself for most of my life) would eat tenderloin. The blue cheese with a really nice cut of steak was just perfect and a delight on Christmas. I also made this recipe work for a six muffin tin, the reason for that is to use it in an alternative oven to your main meal. I use a breville convection oven/toaster, which probably gets more use than my regular oven. The smaller quantity is perfect to have for a dinner for a few friends, and they will be instantly impressed with these hot yummy cheesy eggy muffins. 

If you want to splurge, get some really great stilton blue cheese that is creamy and pungent (but not too pungent). If you are like me and really need a splurge on a weekend, then use that crumbled blue cheese you have in the fridge for salads. It will do for a normal day.

So enjoy these vegetarian popover - yorkshire pudding cross overs that make them a small quantity and easy to make for a yummy sunday dinner with the family.

Yorkshire Puddings with Blue Cheese and Chives

makes six muffins

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