Eat with Zest Nutrition

Megan and Anna are two Dietitians in Portland OR, who wanted to legit "zest-up" their brand and site. After running a successful online brand for a few years they wanted to clean things up in order to provide a brighter and more robust visual brand and website for their audience. We edited their brand, doing a refresh with some current brand items, but also renaming them to align with their website and blog name. Along with their nutrition services, Anna and Megan also have two blog posts per week. The first is their nutrition article and second a recipe to go with the weekly theme.

So, along with the design of the brand and site, we reworked their blog to create a separate location to find recipes from nutrition articles and then integrated the design into their newsletter to bring back traffic to their site. 

branding, logo, custom squarespace design, pdf template design, social media and newsletter design