Frequently Asked QuEstions

i already have a logo, can you design my website?

Unfortunately the answer to that is probably not without a branding package. Here at the studio, we only take clients that have full brand designs (from a designer) or brands we design here in-house. The reason is that we actually end up doing the same work as brand + squarespace. Do yourself a huge favor and do BOTH from one designer. You won't regret it, the process is much smoother.

i need my logo sooner than 2-4 weeks, can you do it on a fast timeline for us?

To be honest, even two to four weeks is a really short timeline for many designers. We can't guarantee any rush timelines, without a rush fee. It wouldn't be fair to the other clients or the creative process.

is squarespace good for seo?

You bet! SEO is all about understanding search engines and making sure you have content that people type into google. There are tons of brands that got started on the platform, and it wouldn't be without great SEO.

do you provide templates for your projcets?

It depends! When discussing your project please be sure to mention that you are looking for a piece that is editable in the future meaning we are giving you rights to update and edit our work. This does increase the price.

how much should I be saving to work with the meg summerfield studio, llc?

Our packages start at over two thousand for our brand clarity process, and go up depending on complexity, time needed, final file format and more. Contact us for more information about pricing. We do have a payment process that is 25% upon booking, 25% at start at 50% halfway through the project. We have set up payment plans for those wanting to pay over a monthly period, but all payments must be complete before we send over any content/documents. 


I have a brand on wordpress, and i don't want to switch to squarespace, can I still hire you?

You bet! We do brand design for lots of non-squarespace clients. We just happen to be ss experts. We also do web design for non-squarespace, but don't do any web development, meaning we produce the layout in a design program, and hand it over to a developer to implement for your wordpress. Developers can cost between 1k-5k for a wordpress site, so be sure to factor that in!

can you move over my squarespace site from wordpress?

We can defintely help with the process, but we will be honest. Sometimes all content does not come over - with ANY transfer, most of the time it goes smoothly, but there might be the need to custom add in blog posts on your own time. The biggest issue we see is that the images usually come over in a code block (meaning they aren't really IN your squarespace site). If you have any questions, please reach out we can test your export :)

Do you provide maintenance to my site when done? 

One of the great part about our process is that we teach you the ropes about how to use your site. We are certainly around for questions, but we currently do not provide retainers or maintenance contracts.

We of course can do maintenance projects for clients, but also want you to feel self-sufficient. Anything we change/edit we will show you how to do on your own as well.

do you do squarespace template edits?

We do have consult time, but without doing a site in full or a skype consult time (where we can edit things) we do not do small edits on sites.

do you mentor designers?

Please inquire about this! I am taking a little break from mentoring, but have done it in the past. 


The Nitty Gritty Payments and Project


Deposits/Booking Fee

All projects that are booking a start date further out than 2 weeks require a booking fee.  The booking fee is a non-refundable 25% of the total package due at time of receipt.



There is a 50% and 50% split on the payments for each package. The first 50% must be paid by the project start date. Meaning if there was a booking fee, then then another 25% is due on the project start date before any work begins. The second 50% is then paid 30 days after the start of the project.


Canceled projects/refunds

If you decide part way through the project you want to go in a different direction, no problem, we all change our minds. Please check your contract thouroughly, you will see the policy is for the client to pay for any hours already put into the proejct at $60/hr.


Rights to work

At the studio, we have a policy that unless changed in your contract that all designs from web concepts, rough drafts, or any work provided to you stays copyright to the Meg Summerfield Studio, LLC unless specifically noted otherwise.