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2 week timeline | $1150

Mini Site and Styling Includes: 


Day 1-3

+ Brand Discovery Questionnaire
+ Brand Guide PDF and Moodboard

Day 4-5

+ Homepage Design in PDF
+ One Round of Edits to Homepage
+ Landing Page/Cover Page Up!

Day 6-7 (week 2)

+ Implementation of Style Guide
+ Implementation of Homepage

Day 8-9

+ Edits to Style Guide + Homepage (one round included)

Day 10 - Launch Day

+ We launch your site!
+ One hour walk through of site live call!
+ Send you any final files!


+ Content for homepage including images text and any SEO keywords must be ready before start date and in the collaborative dropbox we will send you!

+ Payments are 50% upon booking and 50% upon completion. 

+ New sites moving to squarespace unfortunately can't be included in this special price.

+ Added pages (max 2 extra) may be added at $185/page. No blogs, ecommerce or sales pages as extras.


final deliverables

+ Brand Style Guide
+ New Homepage of your site!
+ New style for the rest of your site (implemented style guide - we don't edit layout of other pages)
+ 1 edit round to homepage pdf design
+ 1 edit round to homepage in squarespace and style

Design for growth and success:

Mini site design are for those who want to put their best foot forward with squarespace, but aren't sure where to start. We can help get your site styled, homepage set and on  your way to a new start for 2018!


Dates Available

Start January 22nd - Launch Feb 2nd

Start February 5th - Launch Feb 16th

Start Feb 19th - Launch March 2nd

Start April 9th - Launch April 14th

Start April 23rd - Launch May 4th


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