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Chloe and I worked together on creating a gorgeous new site for her incredible farmhouse living blog, and showing that Squarespace only has limits when you let yourself think it has limits. We mega-menu'ed, summary galleried, and designed the heck out of it to be a mecca blog where you can truly go to enjoy her content and spend hours diving into each post.
I have spent months working with her content and I honestly feel I have gained a good friend, incredible client, and I haven't even scratched the surface of being inspired by her work and her outlook and stories. If you are ever looking for a few more friendly goats, some farmhouse style living, a great insta story-ier and all around bad-ass Squarespace blogger boss, she's your gal! Make sure to go check out what we've been cooking up!


We also created a perfectly duplicated site for her ecommerce part of her site, mimicing the overall header and footer and style, but with the ability to have a fully separate mega menu focusing on the ecommerce side of the business.

services provided:

custom squarespace design, ecommerce design

read the blog post that chloe wrote about
the new site design here!

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