• Brand Discovery Questionnaire

  • Brand Discovery and Strategy PDF 

  • Final Logo Files (eps, jpg, png)

  • Color + Font Selections (free alternatives given as well)

  • Brand Additions (patterns, icons, illustrations)*

  • Brand Style Guidelines (application ideas for digital + print)

* Brand Additions are based on what the brand needs. Not all brand designs need patterns/illlustrations. Be sure to let us know you want those included if you like them!



Before your project start date, you will be given a series of questions and exercises intended to reveal the purpose and passion behind your business, identify your target customer, and discover visual cues that fit your unique style.


To kick off your project, we will meet to review your discovery homework and discuss the inspiration and ideas that will lead the design period. This meeting will help us to gain a better understanding of your story and create some goals for measuring the success of our project together.


Following the strategy meeting, our team of designers will enter a three-week period where we will sketch and review multiple ideas and present you with our strongest two concepts for your brand. You will select one concept to move forward with the design.


The refinement phase is an optional two-week phase to make revisions and adjustments to the design. The brand identity package includes 2 revisions before development and will allow you to adjust the design to tell a stronger story that better represents the message of your brand.


The final phase is brand development, where we will design alternate logo layouts, select fonts and colors, and present your logo in context so that you can see the strength of your visual message. A final revision can be made to the full brand presentation.



We believe in creating design foundations that create structurally and visually sound websites. With this vision and direction for your brand perfected we believe the process to your website design is much improved. It is incredibly important to start with the building blocks, before putting up the curtains. For those who already have branding completed by another designer (we require a full brand guide) please contact us to see if your project fits our pre-design requirements.


The Squarespace design process here at the Meg Summerfield Studio is unique in that we do not take any side streets, shortcuts, or workarounds just because we are working on Squarespace. We believe that the design process, no matter the platform should be thorough, as well as structured in a way that helps the design process blossom, and not be hindered. Our method is sought out not only by clients, but by other designers learning this method at


The Process

Artboard 19 copybox.jpg


discovery & strategy

For sites consisting of more than one page, we begin with a discovery process to track your digital footprint and the way that your business will function online. This will help to organize your thoughts into a clear path forward and give you a framework for gathering and creating the content that will go on your website. 

Step One Deliverables:

  •  Creative Brief
  •  Sitemap (like a family tree for your website)
  •  Web Strategy
  •  Web Inspiration


design foundation + mockups

Once the sitemap is approved, we will mock up and design the site wireframes into a PDF document so that you can review the design direction, see how your content will be represented visually, and work through design direction before we more to the web.

Step TWO Deliverables:

  • PDF Mockup of your choice of 3 pages in the site
  • 2 refinement chances
  • Video Presentation of the Design

Artboard 19 copybox.jpg


Implementation and Refinement

Once we begin building your site, we’ll customize the settings to match your brand aesthetic, integrate functionality that will streamline your digital transactions, and assign tags to your content that will allow potential customers to easily find your website.

Step THREE Deliverables:

  • Fully Designed Squarespace Website with Custom CSS 
  • Video Presentation of Your Site!
  • Custom Cover Page with form/social media connected.
  • 5 Business Day Editing Period (instead of revision rounds we do a refinement stage)


LAUnch + training

After thoroughly testing your website and providing training videos for ongoing maintenance, it will be time to announce your new digital home base to your online audience!

Step THREE Deliverables:

  • Custom Launch Graphic so you can share a fun image :)
  • Goodbye Packet
  • Custom Recorded Training Videos for Your Site! All the info you need to maintain and keep up your brand and website seamlessly including an SEO video and blogging* (* if applicable).




  • Deposit: $723/ due on signing contract to secure spot (non-refundable booking fee)
  • Start Date: $723/  due on project start date 
  • Final: $1446/  due on 30 days after start date

* if booking and start date are within 2 weeks invoices are together in one on start date.



  • Brand Discovery Questionnaires in Phase One

  • Brand Strategy Documents and Guide 
  • Weekly Check-ins and Process Documents


Financials: All projects are on a 25/25/50 invoice installment. 25% at Booking (non-refundable booking fee), 25% on Start Date of entire project quoted, and 50 due on Day 30 or 45 depending on project length. Inquire for more info. 

All invoicing is done on a system called HarpoonApp, but we also accept checks. All checks need to be IN-HAND by date listed, vs. mailed so please plan in advance. 

Our packages do NOT include developer on Squarespace, please inquire if you want to fundamentally change the templates on SS. And no packages include ANY hosting/domain or Squarespace fees in any respect.

TIER ONE: The Zen Garden

This package is ideal for a simple marketing site with less than 10 pages (including galleries). Whether you’re a coach or a service provider, simplicity is key in booking sales, and this web package will get you up and running so that you can start booking your first clients. This is perfect for new businesses, and brochure websites.

TIME: 5 week process

TIER TWO: The Veggie garden

This package is perfect for artists who need a bit more strategy and designed pages within their site. This is the option you want if you are going to include more than a few pages. The veggie garden sites are for those looking for something between a simple brochure site and a complex e-commerce website. Most likely you have: multiple galleries, a blog with categories and indexes and a multi-tiered service for clients.

TIME: 6-8week process

TIER THREE: The english garden

If you’re ready to start selling products online, this package is for you. With a squarespace commerce storefront and customized checkout experience, you’ll be sure to create repeat customers and increase your sales potential with a strong strategy and visually stunning digital storefront.

TIME: 8+ week process


If you're ready to make your big ideas come to life and are determined to put your best foot forward, we're your design studio. No matter where you are on the entrepreneurial journey, we believe that the message you are sharing should match the heart and soul of your business. We would love to help you tell your story. 

The studio works in a block-system with only a few clients at a time so we can give you the best design possible. Our next starting date for projects is currently: Fall 2017