Red Oak Weddings


Jillian the owner of Bella Carta Boutique a stationery company in New Jersey was working on expanding her business and looking for a good place for local wedding vendors in the area to advertise and connect. To her disbelief, she didn't find something that resonated with her.

So, like most gung-ho creative entrepreneurs do, she made her own.

The brand needed to first, stand on it's own, as a strong presence in the tri-state area wedding world. Secondly, the brand needed to work with OTHER brands. The key is that another vendor would want to participate and become involved if they felt like their brand could shine on the site. We went a little bit traditional, a little bit modern with a touch of color and a bit of classic flare and combined it into the perfect brand for Jillian to not only showcase her work, but all of those in the area with similar values.

branding, logo, custom squarespace design, badges, collateral

Images from: Cinnamon Wolfe Photography and Laura Lee Photography


TESTIMONIAL from client

Working with Meg was probably the best decision I have made, to-date, for my business. As a designer myself, I knew that I didn't have the time or intimate knowledge of coding to tackle this project, and there really is beauty leaving it to the professional. Seeing how Meg thoughtfully interpreted the brand, from the logo concepts to the website design, forced me to look outside the box and really define my mission and values. Above all, Meg's enthusiasm for the project, and constant reassurance that we'd hit our launch date and that she'd be there every step of the way, made the entire experience. She's a true professional with an impeccable eye for design, and I'd absolutely recommended her time and time again.

- Jillian from red oak wedding