Meg Summerfield Studio Expert in Squarespace for Food Bloggers and Creative Services on Squarespace


4-8 week process (4 for starter - 8+ for ecommerce)

We design exclusively on the Squarespace platform. We provide the highest quality designs, as well as expertise in complex and crafted sites on the platform. We believe that you deserve all the details of a custom site, without the custom hassle. For us that meld of custom + carefree resides in their easy to use platform. Each site is designed with custom css to provide you a unique site, without the DIY Squarespace feel. We use a signature and custom design process for Squarespace Design, we'd love to show you more! Sites range from $2800 for Starter Sites, $3800 for Portfolio Sites and eCommerce starts at $4200 depending on needs. Inquire to see full pricing guide.