Coffee Strategy Session

Coffee Strategy Session


This strategy session is different than our one-one squarespace. During this coffee session, we sit down and work through our notable brand strategy design packet, and do the hard work one-one where we discuss your visual brand strategy. 

This package is perfect for those who are looking for a bit more information about our design philosophy, get started on brand analysis. And have a clear path of what will work for your brand strategy from our discussion.

With this session you get to 10% off of a standard Brand Design Package.

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Let's dig into why our hour-long strategy sessions might be helpful for you and your business goals.


The Strategy Sessions begin at $195 for one hour

Meg Summerfield is known in the field for strategic and planned brand designs and squarespace web design. Through her MFA as well as other earlier teaching opportunities Meg has developed mentoring through Square Design Guild as well as the Interwoven Seminar (coming back fall 2018). For those interested in developing a one-one mentoring plan we are fully willing to set a custom plan for you. We prefer to have a structured session, but also know that sometimes digging into questions and processes with other industry professionals is helpful. We do offer a discount for booking four-strategy sessions. Please inquire if you are interested. 

Design Mentoring for Graphic Designers and Squarespace


Looking to take your design business to the next level but not sure where to start? Want to talk through your process, brand analysis, or figuring out how to just "start" when it comes to starting your freelance career? We can talk through the starting points and help you create the right mind-shifts so that you are ready for that next step. 

Great for Creatives Who:

  • want to discuss design processes
  • want to find the right mindset for going freelance
  • are looking to dig deep into learning all things freelance
  • figure out the pain points in your process to make it work for you


One of the aspects we find many entrepreneurs and creatives facing is that they aren't quite ready to jump into designing a website just yet. We can discuss some basic early process items for your business. From defining an audience, talking through the right design strategy as well as going more in depth with our own processes for designers looking to get their own development for clients on par.

Great for Business Owners (or future business owners) Who:

  • want to get their business off to the right start
  • are interested in putting in the hard work behind design and business ownership
  • want to learn more about the studio (outside of our 15 minute consults) 

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please note that the fee is non-refundable and rescheduling
must happen within 24 hrs of scheduled date and time