One-One Squarespace Session

One-One Squarespace Session


During our signature one-one squarespace sessions, we like to tackle any of your squarespace design needs. 

  • Are you an entrepreneur, and need some custom css added to your site? We can do any in-squarespace edits to your site during this time, as well as train you on how to better edit and maintain your site.
  • Are you a designer and want to go over your squarespace design process? This is for you. We can spend the time going over your design, or any squarespace specific business questions.


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Part One

Book a session by filling out the scheduler and payment through acuity below. This will book your time. With that you will also receive a questionnaire to fill out so we can see the scope of what you want to cover about Squarespace!


Part Two

We meet live for our session! We can meet over your video chat service of choice - either Skype or Google Hangouts. During our session we work live on your site to make sure we accomplish all your goals. 


Part Three

After the session is over we send you a link to a recorded video of our screen during the recorded session. You can download the video as safekeeping and reference back to the session when needed :)

Let's Book the Session!

please note that the fee is non-refundable and rescheduling
must happen within 24 hrs of scheduled date and time


Testimonials from SS one-one sessions:

Amanda from Dennelly Design

Meg is truly a gem in the Squarespace realm. When I reached out to her, I was frustrated with the intricacies of bringing my flat Photoshop designs to life in Squarespace. I hesitated to ask for help, worried she would tell me that my designs were too lofty and needed to be reeled in. I was so delighted when she responded that we'd be able to get through about 90% of the tweaks I needed on my site in about one consult session. In only that one session, she helped me reimagine the way my site was built to meet my needs. I only wish I had hired her sooner!


Kate R from ingenuwitty

After 60 days of fighting with just the blog on my site (not to mention the MONTHS of fighting with my site as a whole), 2 HOURS of time with Meg helped me resolve ALL the issues I was having. It was like a design coaching session, a coding lesson, and a graphics genius fix-it session all rolled into one. I'm online, site launched, my blog looks beautiful, and I'm suuuuper pleased with already having a lot of email subscribers in just my first day after launching.