the Naturalist | Squarespace PreMade

the Naturalist | Squarespace PreMade


Limited Edition  | One Week Design Process

See Demo Site

PreMade Squarespace Themes from Meg Summerfield Studio, LLC are made to give you the best designs that we can offer without the custom price.

The Naturalist Pages:

  • Welcome (index)

  • Journal (blog)

  • Services (index)

  • Testimonials (gallery)

  • Portfolio/Case Studies (shop)

  • Team (page)

  • Our Story (index)

  • FAQ (page)

  • Contact (page)

This site uses 22 pages total to create the above, since index pages consist of multiple pages in a stacked format. If you have the old personal plan and want to use all pages in the demo site then you will need to upgrade to a business site, or to stay on the personal plan you can eliminate (unenable) two pages. If your site is in personal plan mode at the time of install, we will un-enable the FAQ and Testimonials, so we are able to instal.  You will be able to go in and decide which pages you want to keep/not use (unenable) when adding your own content.

Note: New squarespace sites MUST be on business plan and above.

What this site does NOT include:

  • Logo Design or Brand Design

  • Example Content in Any Other Form

  • Adding YOUR content to the site.

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