Website Audit

Website Audit


Feeling like you have a to-do list so long  you aren't sure what is really important to focus on for your website? Or not sure where to start?

Our Squarespace Website Audit is the BEST way to really get a hold on what you need to focus on for your web-planning.

After clicking the add to cart button below, we will ask you a few questions about your company and your web-goals. From there we will dig into your site, your services, blog, mobile site and more and get you a website audit for your site. Are you on the right template? Could things be organized better on the blog? Can I figure out what you do, and how to contact you? We look at your site with a fresh perspective that will help you determine your next steps. With the audit you will also get a checklist of the top things for you to focus on to accomplish your site goals as listed on your questionnaire.

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Process & How it Works


Part One - Questionnaire

The first step is to check-out and fill out your questionnaire. You will see some questions about your goals for your business from your strategy goals, to your visual goals. With this information in hand, we can better evaluate whether your site is doing it's job well!


Part Two - The Research

With your questions finished we start our research. We spend time on your site, digging into whether it's doing it's JOB for you! We compare to other sites, as well as find the target areas that need to improve.


Part Three - The Presentation

Within 10 Business Days you receive back your presentation! We deliver a PDF that breaks down your visual, strategy and functional Squarespace aspects of your site. From there we give you the top three things to work on to accomplish your goals, as well as give you a visual analysis.