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6-7 week timeline | $3250 investment

Squarespace Design Includes: 



+ Design Strategy for Web with Sitemap
+ Strategy Meeting (skype or phone)
+ Mockup Design of Top 3 Pages
+ Revision Rounds of Mockup
+ Custom Squarespace Site
+ 1 week included for final edit process

included in package

+ up to 8 pages total
+ domain connection
+ mailchimp connection (not design)
+ custom CSS for a unique design
+ 1 week editing process (instead of rounds)
+ beautiful responsive web design

add ons 

Stock Photo Selection + $400
Squarespace Pages + $150
Sales Page + $325
Squarespace Blog + 835 (see below)
Added week for edits +$850
--> ecommerce quoted custom

Design for growth and success:

We believe in Squarespace web design for a few reasons. First, the ability for you to grow your business without having to hire someone for a new page design. Second, to be on a platform where you can not have to worry about back-end updates or plugins, our Squarespace designs not only are custom, they are designed to not look like you see the platform, just your incredible brand story.



Add a blog to your Site + $835


+ Blog design with potential for sidebar in any Squarespace template.
+ up to 10 design posts formatted in the new design
+ Import blog post from other platform
+ two template styles for blog posts
+ one blog post graphic template (psd, ai, indd or format)
+ optimized for beautiful responsive design
+ blog archive page

 ---> adds one week to your design timeline.


Your Frequently Asked Questions:


Why Squarespace?
We believe Squarespace is the best platform for modern businesses. We all need flexibility, mobile responsiveness, easy edits for growth and easy back end for hosting.

Do I need to move my domain to Squarespace?
You can keep your domain where it is OR transfer it over. If you are on Wordpress currently, we can discuss the best option for your site.

Do you include copywriting or SEO writing and implementation?
Copy, Content and SEO are not included, however we do know many collaborators to bring in if you want help! We also include a tutorial video on how to keep your SEO up to date. For content we do offer art direction for your photoshoot as well as a stock photo package for those interested in curating a set of stock photos for your budget that match your brand.

Will you reformat all my blog posts for the new design?
For every site, we format edit up to 10 blog posts and 5 products if included in the site design. If you need more formatted, we will quote it on an hourly basis.

Do you offer payment plans?
Payments are broken into three parts. First at the time of booking (25%) , second on the start date (25%) and third at the mid-way point in the process. 


Why don't I see wireframes in  your process?
In the traditional web design process, there are sometimes wire-frames involved, for Squaerspace they aren’t needed, so we go straight to mockups design wth the full page content.

Can we make the process faster than 6-8 weeks for a site design? do you have a rush fee?
For a custom site , that is already a very fast timeline. If you need a rush project, let us know we can quote something out for you.

What about site maintenance?
We can always discuss site maintenance if you need it, but we don’t offer ongoing packages. We include about two hours of tutorial videos on how to edit every aspect of your site.

What do I need to book asap?
I usually book about four weeks to six weeks in advance, so book as soon as you are starting the branding process. We take about 12 custom sites per year and less than that for branding so make sure you inquire as soon as you are ready.

What about podcasts on Squarespace?
Podcasts are really blog designs in Squarespace, so we can either include them into your blog or create a separate blog. See the add a blog to your site add on.


We are currently booking Spring 2018

Start date Feb 5th (one spot available)

Start Date March 13th (one spot available)

--> Next start date: April 2018.