Squarespace Install + Demo Setup Terms

By purchasing Station Seven’s Squarespace theme install + demo setup service (also referred to as “installation,” “install service,” or other variation of the terms), you agree to the following terms as outlined below.

We aim to complete the theme install and demo setup within 24 hours from time of purchase; however please understand that this timeframe is not guaranteed. While we aim for less, actual time to completed installation may be longer than 24 hours; although infrequent, no compensation will be provided for delayed completion of services. In addition, please note that installations are only performed from Monday – Friday, and are not performed on weekends and select holidays. In that case, the installation will be completed the following business day.


  • Your own paid Squarespace account

The theme install + demo setup service includes the following:

  • Transfer of the selected Squarespace design to your Squarespace account within 24 hours
  • Site includes demo content (pages, posts, products, etc.) and graphics similar to those shown on the respective demo site
  • Configuration of website to match the look and appearance of the theme’s respective demo site
  • An instant download of all graphics files and templates to allow you to make your own customizations as needed
  • Immediate access to our step-by-step video tutorials and documentation

The theme install does not include:

  • Actual photos used in demo sites (these are copyrighted – placeholders will be used instead)
  • Migration or upload of any existing website content or imagery
  • User specific configuration of the theme, including social media links, contact forms, logos, etc.
  • Customization of the theme in any form, including changes to the content, colors, layouts, functionality, etc.
  • Revisions of any kind
  • Purchase or setup of a Squarespace account

Please note: due to the dynamic nature of the Squarespace interface, there may be minor differences between the demo site and the actual site transferred to your account. In addition, some features such as Instagram feeds will appear unstyled until a valid account is configured.

Note for existing Squarespace users: The new Squarespace site will be transferred to your existing account as a separate site – you’ll need to manually migrate any pre-existing content to your new site if you wish to keep it.

Station Seven reserves the right to decline or cancel any install order at any time.

In the event of an install order being cancelled, you will be refunded the total value of the installation service.

Due to the nature of digital goods, you will not be refunded the value of the selected template files.