Website Quote and Planning Questionnaire

For clients interested in Squarespace -- we have a full questionnaire to help us build a quote for your site.

Name *
Your Current Site:
Do you have a launch by date you need the site for?
Do you have a launch by date you need the site for?
We can sometimes do rush projects for a fee depending on what extra speed we need to complete the project.
Experience/Status with Squarespace *
Help us understand where you are in the process
Squarespace Plans: *
Pricing Plans for Squarespace Details
Pages and Add Ons
For our pricing we include 8 regular pages including ONE long page for the home page in our base pricing. Then from there we have add ons for adding extra functionality and design. Please very clearly go through the pages and functionality you need so that we can properly quote you. Your final contract will be based on these factors. Any late timeline additions to these things will change the timeline significantly.
1 - 8 please label all of your pages.
Add ons to site: *
Add ons might add time to the full timeline. Please ask if you are concerned about time and schedules.
Ex: ecommerce/shop - how many products do you have? are they shipped? digital? What kind of blog do you want? Podcast?
Branding and Content
This section we see where you are with content and branding.
Currently I have: *
I understand that copywriting and images are not provided by MSStudio, and might require additional packages for branding and photo culling (helping you art direct or choose stock images or your content). *
If you don't have content don't worry! If we are scheduling your site out you will have that time to pull it all together or hire a photographer/copywriter. We can reccommend some if you would like great custom and strategic content.