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Studio Philosophy

The studio is focused on creating branding, art direction and web design for the modern creative entrepreneur who want a crafted design experience.

We believe in a classic design approach, through tangible and structured discovery processes.  This process will not just create a design for your brand, but craft a visual aesthetic that will stay the core aspect of your business as it grows. 


Get to know the designer:

Starting from a young age, I was always designing brands. From neighborhood lemonade stands, fashion design brands, I would ask to make name cards for my parents parties, tags for Christmas gifts and draw out letters and icons on the side of every notebook. After attending Rice University in Houston, TX for undergrad, I went right into my MFA at SCAD in Graphic Design, where not only design, but teaching and process was paramount in my education. It was then I knew that education would be a big part of my future.

After graduate school, I honed my skills working for well known brands designing in house, from high-end photography studios to well known handbag companies, working in print and digital design. In 2011 I started my own blog, and found a great love of taking traditional brands and bringing them to live in web via Squarespace. Today, the cornerstone of the studio is Meg Summerfield Studio, but we also teach at Square Design Guild as well as run the lifestyle blog Farmcoast Editorial coming soon!


Square Design Guild

Here at Meg Summerfield we have a studio philosophy that is rooted in crafted design, and personalized experience throughout the process. We know your small business, blog or design project is your pride and joy, and treat them with the attention they deserve. Our reputation in design, squarespace and client process is respected throughout the design community so much that we teach our process to other designers through our sister site, Square Design Guild.


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