Testimonials and Praise from Past Clients

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Lisa from The Design Daily

I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Meg! She is incredibly knowledgable, has such a keen eye for style, what's current, and is so agile in her ability to understand and interpret her client's vision, and then make it a million times better! And she always patiently and warmly responded to my never ending barrage of questions. Meg is a master of her craft. What a privilege to work with someone so talented! I hope to work with her again!



Inge from Thoughtful Gesture

Meg is a delight to work with! From the moment we started discussing the project, I felt we were completely on the same track. Meg really understood what my business is all about, and has an incredible knack for translating this into brand materials and a website that not only look gorgeous and professional but convey the values of what I do perfectly. We were on a tight deadline and Meg went above and beyond to get everything finished on time while still paying very close attention to every single detail. Lauching a new business is stressful and hectic, and I can’t stress enough how all the little and big things she did along the way made my life so much easier. Meg, you brought to live what I had in mind from the get-go, but even better. I am over the moon with the result. Thank you so much!


Red Oak Weddings Testimonial

jillian from red oak wedding

Working with Meg was probably the best decision I have made, to-date, for my business. As a designer myself, I knew that I didn't have the time or intimate knowledge of coding to tackle this project, and there really is beauty leaving it to the professional. Seeing how Meg thoughtfully interpreted the brand, from the logo concepts to the website design, forced me to look outside the box and really define my mission and values. Above all, Meg's enthusiasm for the project, and constant reassurance that we'd hit our launch date and that she'd be there every step of the way, made the entire experience. She's a true professional with an impeccable eye for design, and I'd absolutely recommended her time and time again.



ALYSSa from ginger & Blooms

I hired Meg for our new website because I knew I wanted to use Squarespace, but still have a custom look to our site. When I found Meg, I could tell immediately that she knew her stuff!!!! She's a design and SS genius, seriously. Not only is she amazingly talented, but she's super easy to work with. Quick email responses, great list maker, and willing to work around her client's busy schedules which was a lifesaver for us. Meg also went above and beyond what she was contracted to do - filling in major gaps left from our graphic designer. We had NO clue what we were doing, but Meg was really great at getting us moving in the right direction. When I started seeing our website come to life, I was in awe - it was like she read our minds!!!! Our new website is far more than we could have ever dreamed!!!



Amanda from Dennelly Design

Meg is truly a gem in the Squarespace realm. When I reached out to her, I was frustrated with the intricacies of bringing my flat Photoshop designs to life in Squarespace. I hesitated to ask for help, worried she would tell me that my designs were too lofty and needed to be reeled in. I was so delighted when she responded that we'd be able to get through about 90% of the tweaks I needed on my site in about one consult session. In only that one session, she helped me reimagine the way my site was built to meet my needs. I only wish I had hired her sooner!



Kate R from ingenuwitty

After 60 days of fighting with just the blog on my site (not to mention the MONTHS of fighting with my site as a whole), 2 HOURS of time with Meg helped me resolve ALL the issues I was having. It was like a design coaching session, a coding lesson, and a graphics genius fix-it session all rolled into one. I'm online, site launched, my blog looks beautiful, and I'm suuuuper pleased with already having a lot of email subscribers in just my first day after launching.